Smoothing Out the Yardi Implementation Process with 33Floors

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Change is a constant In the world of business software. IT professionals work hard to ensure end users aren’t affected by most of the little back-end adjustments that keep systems running well. But with big changes, like an upgrade to an entirely new version of major software, it’s often hard to avoid disruptions to the end user.  

Helping clients navigate big changes is a core part of what we do at 33Floors. Whether the client is adopting Yardi as its main asset management platform for the first time, migrating from an older version to Yardi Voyager, or incorporating a major add-on module like Advanced Budget and Forecasting or Investment Management, big changes require careful planning and thorough execution.

The businesses running Yardi are each unique. Even for common requirements, tailored adjustments can be the difference between frustration and satisfaction. 

33Floors has developed rigorous implementation protocols to ensure we do the job right every time. Our private management process moves through five stages:

  • Discovery of requirements and goals: We meet with the client’s team and closely analyze their Yardi use cases to ensure our implementation plan will thoroughly address each of their needs.
  • Design to meet requirements and incorporate the client’s unique workflows. To the extent customized solutions are required, our in-house team of experts will develop the custom code, working closely with our contacts at Yardi to ensure full compatibility.
  • Pilot to show the client that requirements were met. A high-level test drive provides the first comprehensive opportunity to examine the new environment in detail.
  • User acceptance testing (or UAT) to verify functionality. Buy-in from the people who use Yardi every day is essential to an implementation’s success.
  • Go-live and hypercare support service to ensure success. In the post-implementation phase, we provide zealous support to get the client operating at a high level as quickly as possible.

No transition is complete without user training. Our training program is designed to mimic the one used by Yardi itself. We make sure the training is effective by scheduling sessions to coincide with the day of launch, so users can walk out of their session and begin using the platform right away. 

We’ve put together an information sheet that goes into more detail about how 33Floors approaches any transition project. You can find it here.

Do you have questions about how your business can best achieve its data management goals with Yardi? Let 33Floors guide you.

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