How to Get Ready for Yardi Voyager

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Yardi has been developing asset management platforms for over thirty years—an eternity in the software industry. Many of Yardi’s customers have used their solutions for a long time. For businesses running legacy versions of Yardi, or entry-level solutions like Yardi Breeze, pressures brought by growth, management requirements, or competitive necessity can prompt an upgrade to Yardi Voyager.

Upgrading to the latest, full-featured version of Yardi is an opportunity to deepen a business’s understanding of its processes. The upgrades frequently bring surprising changes. Ideally, those changes are universally for the better. At 33Floors, our implementation process is designed to guide our clients to that ideal outcome. These are some of the ideas we recommend at the preparation stage.

Study and refine requirements

The changes can be astonishing for businesses migrating from a significantly older version of Yardi to Voyager 7S. All the old capabilities are there, typically with improved user interfaces and new tools for managing and manipulating data. The new capabilities in the latest Voyager versions offer users the opportunity to refine and, in some cases, replace long-standing processes.

To get the most from Voyager on day one, begin the transition planning process with a thorough review of the organization’s requirements for the platform. There are several components to this analysis:

    • How is the existing platform being used?
    • What limitations in the existing platform will Voyager solve?
  • How can Voyager change fundamental processes, like rent collection and project management, for the better?

These are not easy questions to answer, especially once the team begins to dig into the details. One of the key values 33Floors brings to the upgrade process is our understanding of how sophisticated Yardi users can get the most from Voyager.

Plan for changes to the way you work

Cloud-based storage, integration with mobile apps, and a vast suite of modular capabilities in many ways make Yardi Voyager a new tool. It’s common for CFOs and IT managers to approach the upgrade to Voyager with an attitude of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

It’s also common for the due diligence process to uncover opportunities that CFOs and IT managers can’t resist.

When everything is accessible from the cloud, executives often find themselves accessing their database more often and in more contexts. Giving a detailed answer to a question about numbers can be as simple as picking up your iPad. Such streamlined capabilities raise demands for new tools, like customized reports and views, to make those lunchtime conversations even more productive.

Have a deliberate training strategy

Tools are only useful in the hands of a skilled operator. At 33Floors, we dedicate significant resources to ensure that  our clients have the training resources they need to hit the ground running with their new implementation. Before and during the rollout of Yardi Voyager 7S, staff need extra guidance. The upgrade process should incorporate support strategies into every stage.

These are some of the training efforts our clients have found most useful:

  • Don’t forget Yardi’s help line. Yardi itself provides its customers with an allocation of dedicated support. During major transitions, the helpline is a great first stop to address technical questions.
  • On-time training. We time training sessions to correspond with launch days, so users can begin using their new skills right away.
  • Branded documentation. Customized support literature, provided directly within Yardi and created to match the client’s preferred style, can provide fast and easy answers to the questions that come up most often within a particular business or team.
  • Intensive support after launch. The first weeks and months of using a new version of Yardi are critical times for developing good habits and addressing knowledge gaps. At 33Floors we offer our clients Hypercare, a dedicated support service that will answer questions quickly and with a clear understanding of the client’s unique implementation.

Let 33Floors be your guide to Yardi Voyager 7S

Is your business contemplating a major upgrade to its Yardi system? Bring in the experts. The implementation and support teams at 33Floors bring together technical expertise with deep business experience. We will guide you through every step of the process and stand by to ensure your goals are being met. Connect with 33Floors today to get started.

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