Achieve Optimal System Health with a Yardi Operational Review (YOR)

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While New Year’s resolutions have personal health and wellness goals on top of everyone’s mind, why not take a moment to address your Yardi system health as well? With a Yardi Operational Review (YOR) by 33Floors, you’ll gain insight into the state of your current software installation, including an analysis of shortfalls and a road map of suggested improvements, resulting in a more efficient, responsive Yardi experience.

What is YOR?

33Floors’ Yardi Operational Review (YOR) is a suite of reporting tools that delivers a high-level analysis of your Yardi environment, providing clients with a thorough assessment of where their system is and where it could go.

Why YOR?

Your business is constantly changing, but if you’ve been using the Yardi platform for some time now, your system may not have kept pace. Is your Yardi system supporting the realities of your business as it exists today? Are workflows optimized to meet your goals in the most efficient manner? More importantly, are your current team members armed with the knowledge they need to use the system effectively?

Who is YOR for?

A Yardi Operational Review is ideal for companies who’ve been using Yardi for some time and feel their initial implementation is no longer adequate for their business needs. This typically applies to customers who have been using Yardi for at least a year. For newer users, YOR can help unearth issues introduced during your implementation.

How Does YOR Work?

Each YOR engagement begins with a discussion between you and your 33Floors implementation professional. This meeting will cover your concerns and overall experience with the platform thus far. Next, we run a series of database diagnostics focused on key configuration, function and usage data that is not readily available to Yardi end users.

Areas covered include:

  • Database Information
  • Voyager Information
  • Masterfile Setup
  • System Usage
  • User Groups
  • User Licenses
  • Roles
  • Workflows
  • A/P and A/R Efficiency
  • IR/Payable/Payment Exceptions
  • Audit Tools
  • Expense Types
  • PayScan Setup
  • Transaction Usage
  • Property Usage
  • Custom Tables

What Will YOR Discover?

The Yardi Operational Review process often surfaces eye-opening issues, including audit tables that haven’t been turned on, inaccurate workflows, and former users and vendors that haven’t been properly deactivated. YOR can alert clients to general ledger accounts that have never been used and users who haven’t accessed the system in some time. Of course, YOR also addresses general data health, including blank fields in vendor records. Once these issues are brought to light, many can be addressed with scripted data cleanup, additional training, workflow adjustments, or minor redesigns that will make the system more efficient and effective.

What Happens After YOR?

Using the information gleaned from the YOR analysis, 33Floors can offer suggestions for addressing pain points, roadblocks and inefficiencies. The YOR process may also uncover areas that require further analysis. Engage our team for a full discovery and analysis, and we’ll also supply a comprehensive finding and recommendations matrix report. Expanded YOR engagements can dive deeper into targeted areas of concern, including accounts payable, vendor management, security and permissions, and particularly complex Yardi configurations.

Getting Started

A topline Yardi Operational Review is an accessible option for businesses of all sizes. To begin, you’ll be asked to complete a work order and grant 33Floors access to your Yardi environment. We’ll deploy the diagnostics file, review the data and compile a summary report. The process concludes with a meeting to review recommendations based on 33Floors’ time-tested best practices.

Backed by 250 years of combined Yardi experience, 33Floor specializes in optimizing Yardi implementations and ensuring our clients achieve optimal ROI on their Yardi investment.

Achieve your system fitness goals today with a customized Yardi Operational Review.

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Yardi Operational Review
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