Yardi’s ABF Module Supercharges the Budgeting Process

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The Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting (ABF) module is one of several powerful add-on tools that let businesses get even more out of their Yardi experience. A standard Yardi implementation provides customers with extensive budgeting tools. But ABF goes further, offering a sandbox for budget planners to explore and innovate.

What does the ABF module do?

The power of ABF rests on its use of a virtual copy of the customer’s master data. All the critical information stored in Yardi—leasing records, prior budgets, contractor invoices, and so on—stays where it is. As changes are made to the masterfile, ABF gets updated.

Because ABF works with a virtual copy, users can experiment with budget options without fear that they might scramble critical records. The sandbox design lets users explore the potential effects of decisions and contingent events. Here are some ways a business might use this potential:

  •     Study how different closing dates could influence the financial outcome of a major transaction, like an asset sale or acquisition.
  •     Explore the business’s exposure to broken leases.
  •     Analyze personnel requirements for an upcoming leasing promotion.

ABF delivers deep insights

By pulling together data from a business’s entire portfolio, ABF gives users powerful tools for analyzing a firm’s budget and planning processes at any level of detail. From firm-wide to an individual leased location, ABF has the flexibility to allow budget planners to explore and experiment with unlimited detail. For businesses with unique requirements, ABF can be customized to deliver tailored solutions.

When projections are ready for delivery to decision makers, ABF offers expanded reporting tools. Using ABF’s library of financial and operational report formats, coupled with reporting suite functionality, firms can efficiently generate clear, accurate reference materials. 

Want to learn more about Yardi’s ABF module? 33Floors has put together an in-depth review of the things we think make ABF a valuable addition to the Yardi platform. Click here to download the 33Floors ABF Module Spotlight.

33Floors can supercharge your Yardi experience

With decades of experience as real estate professionals and Yardi engineers, 33Floors knows what property management companies need to succeed. From core implementation to customized solutions and support, we are here to help your firm get the most from its Yardi investment. Reach out to 33Floors today to get started tackling your firm’s challenges.

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