Drive Superior Returns with Yardi’s Investment Management Module

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Yardi’s Investment Management (or IM) module offers businesses with complex investment portfolios—REITS, private equity funds, life insurance companies, and more—powerful tools for making better decisions and achieving greater results. The IM module automates tasks many businesses perform in manual spreadsheets. When layered on top of an existing Yardi database, the result is streamlined, accurate analysis and better decision making.

Efficiency is only the beginning.

With the IM module, Yardi customers get a suite of dynamic tools tailored to address even the most complicated parts of today’s investment world. Every implementation of the IM module allows for accounting processes to be fine-tuned to reflect the client’s ownership structure, specific compliance requirements, and obligations to investors. With automation, many tasks that used to require hours of manual work can be completed with the push of a button.

In our experience, clients love the IM module’s efficiency, but efficiency is only a side benefit to the module’s role in delivering analytical insights about a business’s portfolio. Highly accurate consolidations and capital management functions allow managers to see in real time how their investments are performing. Customers also use the module to examine investor-by-investor performance to provide key partners with up-to-date information on demand.    

Yardi Investment Management tackles complexity with ease.

Yardi’s software engineers understand the demands investment managers face. To work well, a portfolio management platform needs the flexibility to handle all of today’s most sophisticated financial and legal structures. That’s why the IM module was designed to allow complete integration of essentials like contract terms, ownership tracking, preferred returns and capital flows. 

The IM module comes ready to handle business on a global scale. Need multi-currency support? No problem. Need to comply with multiple accounting or regulatory regimes? The IM module can simultaneously parse data in numerous ways, following built-in or customized scripts to comply with any requirement. Automation and workflows are available to dramatically improve speed and responsiveness even for complex multinational firms.

Let 33Floors supercharge your Yardi experience.

In the latest 33Floors Yardi Module Spotlight we explore the IM module’s many great features. Download here

33Floors is a market leading Yardi consultant. Our team boasts professionals with over ten years of experience helping clients implement the Yardi Investment Management module. If your business is thinking about making the switch from manual spreadsheets and you’d like to know more about the IM module or Yardi in general, give 33Floors a call. We love to talk about this stuff.

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