Managing Global Portfolios with Yardi

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Multinational investment firms and property management companies need tools capable of handling enormous objective complexity. Yardi’s suite of solutions is one of the few platforms capable of scaling up to meet the demands of a business with a global scope. Implementing Yardi across continents takes a rare mix of skills.

At 33Floors we routinely help clients use Yardi to tackle the challenges of multinational portfolios. These are some of the goals we work toward with cross-border implementations and support projects:

  • Usefulness. 

The data complexity of multinational portfolios can paralyze a firm that isn’t equipped to handle it. Basing strategic decisions on vast spreadsheets and thousands of pages of reports is akin to writing a novel in an unfamiliar language using nothing but a dictionary. The work of turning a big pile of information into a reliable basis for action requires either a massive input of labor or technology capable of automating much of the process.

Yardi can be thought of as a library of interconnected databases. At the granular level, databases can be configured to trace even the smallest details of a portfolio. When a lightbulb is swapped out of a rental unit in Paris, that expense can become a line item on reports generated in New York.

Pulling such granularity together into meaningful aggregated data is where Yardi shines. To tap into the platform’s potential, businesses need sophisticated implementation and operational support. 

33Floors has assembled a team specifically to give our clients the keys to unlocking their Yardi implementation’s usefulness. We get to know our clients’ businesses so our work can provide them with the most meaningful information, presented in a way that their executives can use.

  • Competitive advantage.

Big data is driving a competitive intelligence revolution. To stay competitive, businesses need systems that can organize and sort information swiftly and meaningfully. 

Yardi supports today’s data-driven businesses with enormously powerful tools. The Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting (ABF) module can be a game-changer for analytics professionals. Predictive modeling is no longer a matter of corner-cutting assumptions when it draws on real-time data from across the portfolio and from third-party market data providers.

“Sandbox” tools like ABF need to be tailored to the business’s portfolio, operating structure, and objectives. Technical know-how isn’t enough to get there. The implementation team also needs a good understanding of the business and the industry so the platform can be designed to be responsive to the real world.

At 33Floors, one of our central objectives is to deliver strategic value to our clients. Large, cross-border implementations are perhaps the most meaningful way we help clients turn Yardi from a back-office tool into an engine for growth.

  • Meeting investor expectations.

Private equity investors are demanding ever more transparency and disclosure from their portfolio companies. Best practices demand a sophisticated approach to managing compliance with contractual covenants, distribution mechanisms, capital calls, and other components of investor relations. 

Yardi provides CFOs with the tools they need to administer even the most complex corporate structures with accuracy and timeliness. The platform’s investment suite provides extensive tools to seamlessly bridge data from operations with investor compliance.

33Floors has extensive experience incorporating complex investment structures into our clients’ Yardi implementations. We know how to account for every possibility, and how to build systems that can adapt to a constantly changing investor pool.

  • Regulatory and tax compliance.

Managing a global portfolio imposes significant compliance demands on a business. Meeting the requirements of multiple tax and accounting regimes and disclosure obligations is a challenge even for relatively small firms. 

Compliance is one of Yardi’s strengths. For businesses with global portfolios, the core challenge is to incorporate all that Yardi can do into a consistent, repeatable practice. The right implementation will facilitate drawing the right information out of the system into reports that clearly pull together all the details accountants, tax professionals, and others require to do their work. 

33Floors works hand-and-glove with our clients’ in-house teams and third-party consultants to design Yardi implementations that respond to compliance obligations in every market. 

Get above the multinational challenge with 33Floors

33Floors is proud to have helped clients around the world achieve uncommon results with Yardi. 

We’ll come to you, no matter where your business is located. What does your business want to achieve in 2021? Give us a call to begin supercharging your Yardi experience today.

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