Integrating Complex Investor Relationships into Yardi

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If there’s an investment fund out there designed first and foremost to be easy to administer, we haven’t encountered it.

Today’s large investment vehicles are finely tuned machines built by sophisticated teams of lawyers, accountants, and financial engineers. Their inner workings are full of negotiated contingencies, thresholds, flip points, and covenants. Resting on top of the contractual obligations are the service priorities of the asset managers, who must remain responsive to each investor’s distinctive reporting demands.

Once an investment fund closes it falls to the asset management team to run the machine. Even with an obsessive attention to detail and elaborate spreadsheets, manually administering a complex investment structure asks for trouble, errors and unnecessary risk. That’s where asset management platforms like Yardi come in.

Even with Yardi’s powerful Investment Management module installed, an asset manager will confront a few challenges:

  • Accurately reflecting the structure within the system. Correctly configuring options to account for every moving part within an investment agreement is not necessarily straightforward. Even with its tremendous depth, Yardi out of the box may not provide simple check-the-box setup options that account for every potential variable a fund needs to track.
  • Data integrity. A flawless process flow can be undermined by incorrect or incomplete data. Verifying the database is an urgent and ongoing job.
  • Adjusting for changes. Investment funds are constantly evolving to account for changes within the investor group and within the fund’s assets. Staying current requires both data management process design, each within the scope of an ongoing operation. It’s a lot to juggle.
  • Accommodating investor requests. Investors need a lot of information. With investors from around the world, each with their own structures and concerns, asset managers need a full suite of options for delivering what they need, when they need it.

Yardi checks all of these boxes, with things like flexible reporting, global tax compliance, deep corporate structuring options, and much more. But just having a tool isn’t enough: you have to know how to use it.

That’s why asset managers call 33Floors.

Our implementation and support services are backed by the sophistication today’s asset managers need to keep their investors well informed and satisfied that every piece of the investment structure is being managed in full compliance with deal documents. We follow a rigorous process at every phase of the client’s investor relationship:

  • Implementation. Following a detailed discovery phase where we analyze the client’s requirements from every angle, we design and build a Yardi configuration that is responsive and robust. Our database experts work closely with the client’s team to accurately and completely import all the records Yardi will need to perform well.
  • Training. Our goal is to turn our clients into expert Yardi users. We provide in-person training sessions, customized documentation, and much more to support end-users as they climb the learning curve.
  • With complex assets and dynamic investors, exotic questions are a constant. We have structured our support team’s staffing so we can deliver guaranteed expediency and expert responses wherever and whenever they are needed. Our professionals bring a combination of technical skill and business acumen to every engagement. We speak your language.

Nothing is too complex for 33Floors

Whether your business is raising its first investment fund or has a global investment portfolio under management, 33Floors will supercharge your Yardi experience. How can we be of service to you? Reach out to us today to start a conversation.

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