Data Management Strategies for Superior Results with Yardi

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Businesses use Yardi to keep track of their most critical information. Yardi itself is a serious player in the cloud storage revolution. It offers a range of options, from standardized cloud-based platforms suitable for many types of business to fully customized, private server solutions for customers with complex infrastructures.

The Yardi platform reflects decades of development and innovation. Thanks to that extensive process, the platform can be tailored to suit the specific needs of every customer. In balancing flexibility with standardization, Yardi provides flexibility in most important aspects of the platform. The business infrastructure experts at 33Floors help our clients get the most from their Yardi databases, leveraging the power and flexibility cloud-based systems provide.

Data management is a complex challenge

Data management is a crucial focus for software engineers and IT managers at the implementation stage and beyond. Managing a firm’s data involves numerous overlapping challenges:

  • Quality: Are records populated with complete, accurate information? Does the firm have a process in place for auditing and correcting the database as it grows?
  • Access: Today’s businesses need reliable, rapid access to their data from wherever an employee is working. 
  • Security: A Yardi customer’s database can house incredible amounts of sensitive information. It needs to be secure against theft and cyberattacks that can cripple operations
  • Compliance: A relative of security concerns is every firm’s need to comply with laws, regulations, and contracts touching on data integrity. A system must provide the right solutions to address every source of compliance risk.

33Floors unleashes the full potential of your data

As a veteran provider of solutions to many of the world’s leading companies, Yardi understands the importance of data management, and offers extensive flexibility for customers to address their unique concerns. 33Floors provides a supercharged layer of insight into using Yardi’s data management tools at each stage of the process:: 

  • Choose the right solution. 33Floors can help your business select the right solution to meet its specific needs. Yardi’s entry-level cloud product, Yardi SaaS (for software-as-a-service), is a great solution for many businesses that want to take advantage of the efficiency and security of cloud-based operations without breaking the bank. Firms that need more can upgrade to Yardi SaaS Select or the Yardi Private Cloud. The Private Cloud option provides customers with dedicated servers that grant the customer the greatest degree of control over its data and the greatest infrastructure flexibility, though at a cost.
  • Tap into the power of virtual databases. Yardi’s Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting (or ABF) offers customers the flexibility to work with a real-time virtual copy of the master database. For businesses that want to play with their data, for example while exploring alternative deal structures, ABF provides a secure, non-destructive approach. 33Floors provides comprehensive support for ABF implementation and operation.
  • Conduct regular audits. A key part of data management is verifying that errors aren’t creeping in over time. Data audits address every aspect of the data management challenge. Ensure permissions are up to date, identify record gaps, and verify that security is working as it should. A 33Floors Yardi Operational Review examines a client’s implementation from a variety of angles, including the ways in which it controls data.

33Floors is here to help you tackle your data management challenges

With our deep experience in industry and rare expertise in the technical nuances of Yardi, 33Floors provides clients with highly customized, responsive data management solutions designed to be secure, scalable, and robust. Is your business ready to take the next step in its data management evolution. Give 33Floors a call to schedule an appointment with one of our experts today.

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