What is DataFreedom?

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DataFreedom® is an automated, cloud-based data and reporting solution that allows users to see their real estate data differently and leverage the information within to drive impactful business decisions. With DataFreedom, clients unlock the true power of data and purpose-built business intelligence templates to quickly address business needs, ensure optimal data quality, and see the big picture at a glance.

The Data Conundrum

While the amount of real estate data generated within your organization grows exponentially and your reliance on readily available information becomes increasingly important, decision-makers can become buried under an avalanche of disconnected spreadsheets and static reports that are time-consuming to produce and quickly outdated.

Having endless amounts of data is useless if it’s inaccessible, siloed, or inaccurate. Good data governance requires that information be correct, complete, consistent, and compliant. While every organization may have specific data needs, the proper use of data, and the transformation of that data into information and knowledge, becomes integral to their performance. However, many companies have only just started their data analytics journey.

Exporting, merging, and analyzing information from numerous data sources is time-consuming, often requiring assistance from IT teams and the costly maintenance of internal data warehouses. Even your own Yardi data can be challenging to extract. In short, distilling information necessary to meet your goals frequently drains staff resources, time, and money.

In a world where real-time performance data, actionable insights, and accelerated dealmaking are business-critical, it’s imperative that your data work for you — not the other way around.

Set Your Data Free with DataFreedom.

Instead of experiencing information overload, your data can be easily accessible, seamlessly integrated with other non-traditional data sets, and presented beautifully.

DataFreedom brings your real estate data together in an accessible framework within a private environment and transforms it into usable and valuable information. It connects to your BI tool of choice, including Power BI, Tableau, and Excel. With DataFreedom, users can also access an extensive library of easy-to-use, informative, and visually appealing self-service reporting templates and dashboards.

With DataFreedom, you are operational in just days, meaning you can access your data, create powerful data visualizations, and make informed decisions quickly. Our seamless integration with other software and data sources puts a world of information right at your fingertips, with no need for ongoing outside intervention. We have designed DataFreedom for maximum flexibility, customization, and ease of use, and our expert onboarding ensures that your team is trained and up-to-speed to maximize value. Once you are live, your data is transformed, accurate, and available on your phone, tablet or computer — anytime, anywhere.

DataFreedom Impacts Your Entire Organization


DataFreedom Business Benefits:

  • Reduces time spent manually exporting and merging data.
  • Creates more available resources for value-add analysis and decision-making.
  • Delivers time-sensitive reporting at the touch of a button.
  • Integrates seamlessly with data sources and preferred BI tools.
  • Provides an extensive library of customizable, self-service reports and dashboards.
  • Delivered with expert implementation, onboarding, and training service.
  • Includes scalable pricing plans to fit any need and budget.


DataFreedom IT Team Benefits:

  • Delivered in a secure, cloud-based environment.
  • Mitigates upfront capital costs.
  • Saves the expense of building internal data warehouses.
  • Removes cloud infrastructure maintenance overhead.
  • Manages software vendor changes automatically.
  • Deploys quickly, putting data in the hands of end-users in days.
  • Allows IT team members to focus on core business objectives.

Uncover the wisdom within your data with DataFreedom.

The emphasis on data quality in enterprise systems has increased substantially. Data processing has become more intricately linked with business operations, and organizations increasingly rely on data analytics to drive business decisions. DataFreedom is here to meet these goals and set your data free.

See data differently.™ Contact DataFreedom today.

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What is datafreedom
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