Creative Data for Better Decision Making with Yardi

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In today’s data-driven world, it isn’t enough for an asset management platform to serve as a passive record of what is in a portfolio. The platform needs to slice and dice data in ways that allow analysts and executives to study strategies and make accurate choices. Without such a tool, businesses cannot stay competitive.

The clients we serve at 33Floors typically adopt Yardi for that reason. They want to unleash the full potential of the records residing in their databases. All of them need ways to reliably examine past performance, and most want to use their historical insights to make better predictions for the future.

With a system as deep and complex as Yardi, the features that “come in the box” are adequate enough to provide the standard historical day to day operating answers and direction. However, in this day and age, an agile business needs something more than the ordinary. The team at 33Floors is adept at helping clients tap into the creative diversity of their data to unveil complexities and guide insightful decision making. 

Going deeper with Yardi modules

Getting creative with data starts with identifying new ways to draw insights from a business’s existing records. Yardi itself has built its reputation by building tools that can help its data-driven customers get more from the platform. Add-on modules, once configured, can greatly expand a user’s creative options. 

  • The Job Cost module allows for precise analysis of the factors driving project expenses.
  • The Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting module introduces a suite of tools for flexibly exploring portfolio data in a nondestructive environment.

These options and others from Yardi add a layer of complexity to implementation. Users need to be trained in how they work, and their configuration must be tailored to the Yardi customer’s specific needs. The implementation team at 33Floors approaches every module integration as an opportunity to assist our client in successfully maximizing their use of Yardi. Finding creative solutions within the platform’s native capabilities, sometimes with custom software to bridge databases and craft reporting tools, is our specialty. 

Incorporate third-party data into Yardi

Studying a portfolio in isolation can leave opportunities on the table. That’s why leading businesses are also turning to data from third-party vendors to develop a reliable model of the marketplace.

Some businesses that already use third-party data rely on merging exported data in spreadsheets, but that takes time, introduces entry risk and often lacks flexibility. Rather than working in spreadsheets, Yardi can be configured to import data from third-party sources. With custom reporting and interface design, a business can bridge its portfolio records with external data to achieve a new degree of insight. 

Today’s data marketplace offers an astonishing amount of information. The challenge is generally not access to the data, but incorporating it into a useful workflow. Being able to see that a defined metric is following a certain trend may have little value unless that trend can be tied back to what the business does.

Property management is an industry where data-driven approaches can produce extraordinary results. Even a relatively small firm that manages just a few properties needs to understand the market dynamics that influence each property’s financial performance over time. Answers to questions like these can be profoundly valuable:

  • What influence does a property across the street have on rental values? 
  • How are infrastructure improvements influencing property values in the area?
  • What trends are driving the business prospects of each tenant?

Building models to answer such questions takes specialized skills. Incorporating those models into a company’s Yardi implementation, so answers can be produced with a few clicks of the mouse, is where 33Floors thrives.

33Floors gets creative, one client at a time

The implementation and service teams at 33Floors are always excited to take on new and interesting ways to utilize Yardi as an analytical tool. Is your business looking for ways to get more creative with its data? Let 33Floors unlock Yardi’s full potential for you. We service large and small, domestic or international, one key client at a time. Send us a question to get started.   

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