What is the 33Floors Yardi Operational Review?

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By design, the Yardi platform doesn’t stand still. On the software side, Yardi works tirelessly to improve its systems to meet the evolving business requirements of its customers. On the customer side, dynamic marketplaces and growing complexity continuously test the decisions made during a firm’s Yardi implementation.

Regular maintenance keeps Yardi running at peak performance. That’s why 33Floors created the Yardi Operational Review, or YOR. 

YOR spots gaps in implementation and utilization.

33Floors began its YOR program as a simple service for clients who wanted to better understand how Yardi was working for them in practice. We have developed a set of custom reporting tools that tap into the wealth of hidden usage data stored in a client’s Yardi database. 

In just a few hours of analysis, a YOR can identify a number of key data points about a Yardi implementation, such as these:

  • Common errors encountered by users.
  • Configuration mistakes that are hampering functionality.
  • Data integrity problems.

33Floors has developed specialized YOR procedures for studying the details of distinct aspects of the platform. YOR can go as deep as the client needs. Our packages include an analysis of Yardi’s security and permissions settings and performance, invoicing processes, and vendor management. 

Putting YOR to work.

Armed with the information from a YOR analysis, 33Floors will offer suggestions for addressing the pain points the YOR has uncovered. Some challenges can be addressed with simple adjustments to the platform’s back-end, while others call for targeted training. If data integrity is a problem, perhaps the client’s workflows need to be adjusted to impose verification steps when records are created or modified. In some cases, we may suggest the client add one of Yardi’s optional modules to deliver the functionality that the client is missing.

Fine-tuning Yardi implementations is a big part of what 33Floors does. We have extensive technical capabilities, as well as a deep understanding of the business requirements our clients need to meet with Yardi. 

Interested in learning more about the 33Floors Yardi Operational Review? Download our informational sheet here, or connect with 33Floors to start a conversation.

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