Using Training to Maximize Yardi’s Value

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Mastering any complex tool takes time. When a tool is foundational to a business, the cost of a long learning curve can be significant. The people learning the tool need to take time away from their critical tasks to study, and the power of the tool itself may go untapped for a long time.

Yardi is like any other complex tool. With the right coach, Yardi’s learning curve can be flattened out. Just as important, a good trainer resolves the blind spots and misunderstandings that can keep a business from realizing the platform’s full potential.  

  •     Build training into the design phase.

A robust Yardi implementation—whether it’s a fresh rollout, an upgrade, or the incorporation of a new module into an existing system—should rest on a firm foundation. During the requirements phase of an implementation, 33Floors analyzes the client’s existing processes to optimize its Yardi experience. 

This process can be the first time a client has documented its procedures in a systematic way. Quite often it reveals skill gaps that can be addressed during the rollout phase of the project, when formal training begins. In other words, training is part of the process from the beginning.

  •     Training is a conversation.

Power users of Yardi know what they need from the platform, but many of them don’t know the full scope of Yardi’s capabilities. A good trainer answers the user’s questions, but also listens for the questions the user isn’t asking. Uncovering the “unknown unknowns” can be a path to unlocking new and better ways of working with Yardi. 

These conversations are crucial to adapting an existing Yardi implementation to the customer’s evolving business needs. Many Yardi customers encounter new business challenges that can be addressed simply by adjusting the way they use the platform. 

  •     Capturing the value of upgrades.

 Yardi has built the stellar reputation of its platform by continuously refining and adding to its suite of solutions. When a significant feature gets added to the base platform it may be just the solution the customer needs. Users may need to be trained in the latest changes before they can get the most from them.

The same goes for existing customers who decide to add on one of Yardi’s optional add-ons, like the powerful Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting  or Job Cost modules. Unlike the incremental changes that come with routine upgrades, adopting a new module often requires its own implementation process and training program. Businesses that use these modules benefit tremendously from taking the time to thoroughly train the people who will use them every day.

33Floors is your source for expert Yardi training.

At 33Floors we’re passionate about giving our clients the resources they need to optimize their Yardi experience. Our team of seasoned Yardi professionals combines comprehensive technical insight with deep industry experience to create training programs customized to the client’s unique business requirements. Does your business need help getting more from its Yardi platform? Give 33Floors a call today.

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