The Advantages of Yardi for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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Optimizing returns from commercial real estate is not easy. Today’s competitive landscape requires sophistication. Investors, lenders, and tenants want managers who are responsive to evolving business needs. Properties undergo constant change. Accounting, compliance, reporting – the complexity is significant, even for a relatively small firm.

Enter Yardi.

Yardi built its platform from the ground up to provide property managers with a comprehensive tool for everything they need to do their work well. Modular in design, Yardi can be used to do one job or many. Used correctly, Yardi provides a business with a complete database of their portfolio’s key details and powerful tools for analyzing, forecasting, and reporting performance.

Yardi customers typically come to 33Floors with their decision already made: they know they want Yardi to take their business to the next level, but they need help doing it. For those businesses that are still weighing whether Yardi is the right solution for them, these are some of the important advantages we’ve seen our clients gain by using Yardi:

  • One vendor for everything.

Many businesses adopt Yardi after years of juggling several other systems. Property details might be stored in one database, while vendor records are in another, accounting still another, and so on. Manual reconciliation of records kept in different formats can be time-consuming and prone to error. 

Yardi brings everything under one roof. The customer can simplify and automate back-end processes, because all the key records are housed in a single database. As an added bonus, the mishmash of solutions, with its interoperability challenges and recurring costs, goes away.

  • Robust customization.

For many businesses, Yardi works well without extensive customizations. Other businesses have special requirements, or just a preferred way of doing their work. If Yardi doesn’t come “out of the box” with the right configuration for the customer’s needs, the platform is designed with flexibility in mind.

Yardi’s customization options have few limits. That’s largely because Yardi itself will work with a firm like 33Floors to find solutions to even the trickiest requests. After all, the platform’s power comes from decades of adding functionality its customers need.

  • Deep tools for those who need them.

Yardi can be as simple or as complex as a business demands. For those who need it, Yardi offers specialized modules that provide analytical tools suited to particular applications. The Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting (or ABF) module lets managers experiment with scenarios in a virtual copy of their portfolio database. The Job Cost module is suitable for firms that want better insight into their construction projects. Options like these ensure that Yardi can deliver solutions at any scale.

33Floors knows Yardi

The team at 33Floors has worked with Yardi for decades. Our professionals are also veterans of the real estate world, so when we say we understand the challenges our clients are facing, we mean it. Send us a message to learn more about how we can take your Yardi experience to the next level. 

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