33Floors Maximizes the Power of YSR

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Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting is a powerful tool that delivers a library of useful standard reports in Excel or PDF formats. With YSR, Voyager users can quickly update template formats, output reports and schedule them to email to multiple people automatically. Plus, they can access Excel’s extensive functionality to add charts, filters, pivot tables and more.

By leveraging 33Floors’ years of experience, clients can save even more time and money with customized YSR reports that meet their precise needs quickly and easily. Our team members offer deep knowledge of the entire Yardi schema, and our Development group has years of hands-on experience with YSR specifically. In fact, we’ve written custom YSR reports for nearly every Yardi module, including Banking, ABF, Construction, Lease Management, Investment Management, Payscan, Residential, Commercial, and System Admin. That means we’ve either created the perfect custom report our clients are looking for or know exactly how to meet their needs.

The YSR custom report development process is often quite quick, with an average 2-3 week turnaround time, and rarely requires additional tweaking after implementation. A full 94% of our satisfied development clients return for additional custom report assistance!

Over the years, 33Floors’ Development team has created thousands of reports for hundreds of clients, finding innovative ways to address their specific requirements. A few of the real-world YSR solutions we’ve built and implemented include:

  • Custom Tenant Invoices showing both the current charge and the total outstanding to give tenants a true picture of arrears.
  • Management Dashboards that provide an overall visual picture of company performance with the ability to drill down and identify bottlenecks and issues.
  • Comprehensive Report Packages for Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting (ABF), Construction Manager, PayScan, correspondence, invoice statements and more.
  • Macros that create ETLs to import data back into Voyager to eliminate manual entry of vendors and tenants.
  • Voyager Exports of important dates, such as tenant move-outs and rent reviews, from Voyager to YSR to Microsoft Outlook, allowing property managers to manage and schedule their workload around key events.
  • Upgrade and Convert existing, outdated Crystal Reports into YSR format.
  • Voyager System Health Check showing which modules are being used, where bottlenecks are occurring and where opportunities for improvement exist.

The 33Floors Development team can make your life easier, whether you need to customize an existing Yardi report or want to discuss adding a completely new YSR report to your roster. And, of course, we can also assist with your other Development needs, such as the large-scale conversion from an existing client system into Yardi, including data conversion and validation, custom reports, workflow validations, scheduled tasks, and more.

When it comes to Yardi development and reporting needs — YSR and beyond — make 33Floors your first call.

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33Floors Maximizes the Power of YSR
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