Thinking About Your Covid-19 Risk? Get Clarity with Our Reporting Solutions.

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We hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. We at 33Floors have been connecting with our clients daily to advise them on ways to address risk through reporting. Many tenants cannot pay rent and our team has been working diligently to help clients gain clarity about what is happening within their portfolio.  

Here are three ways we’re helping:

1. Tracking Additional Fields

Is your tenant shut down? Have they reached out to pause or defer rent? Does your tenant fall into an essential industry classification? We have developed solutions to facilitate the storing of this information so it can be easily tracked and reported on.

2. Enhanced A/R Reporting

We can help you improve A/R reporting by including new fields, adding newly relevant fields (i.e. security deposit), or easily displaying memos and other tenant communications . Enhanced A/R reporting empowers clients to examine objective numbers and contextual information side-by-side. 

3. New Ways to Communicate with Tenants 

Our clients need to communicate information related to Covid-19 to their tenants. We can amend templates to empower clients to reflect crisis-related changes to their tenants. Examples include modified tenant invoices and how legislation changes impact the landlord-tenant relationship. Our tailored templates give landlords peace of mind knowing they have proactively communicated the right information to the right tenants at the right time. 

If you would like to enhance your reporting or discuss your specific needs, please contact us at with the subject line “REPORTS” and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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