How Many Licenses do you Need?

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Recently at 33Floors, we set out to solve a recurring question from clients: “How many Yardi licenses do I really need?” The answer to this question can mean thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in license fees, so we want to ensure our clients get it right.

Our clients have expressed a need to audit license usage quarterly or annually for budgeting and license renewal purposes. So we set out to solve this issue for an immediate need and an ongoing basis, and we did. Our Yardi-focused reporting team built a custom report that will:

  • Find all users who have not logged-in in the last 12 months
    • Did they leave?
    • Do they need more training?
    • Do they have items with them in the workflow that are being stalled?
  • Find all users who have access to advanced budgets/job costing
    • Should you reallocate licenses?
  • Find all terminated users and their workflows/roles
    • If a user was terminated, you can quickly find all items with them in workflow and roles they can be easily reassigned
  • Determine a users’ posting period access and who has access to post to control accounts
    • Tip: This is very useful for answering auditor questions.
  • Compare which users are the most active

The report can be set up for anyone on Voyager 7s and you can have this expense-saving information in less than a week by our team for $500. The report will immediately show you who is using licenses plus much more.

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