33Floors Helps You Build a Strong Yardi Presentation for Executives

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When you’re called into the corner office, you often have just 10 minutes to make your case to a demanding audience. You can’t waste time showing charts that nobody can read or shuffling through unnecessary details. You need to tell your story in a structured, succinct way. 33Floors can tailor Yardi’s reporting tools with straightforward templates designed to satisfy executives’ demands for both style and substance.

While Yardi offers a plethora of information about your company’s portfolio, offering extensive reporting tools by default, the platform’s native outputs might not be what your leadership team needs—or wants. Using the platform’s flexible customization options, 33Floors closes the gap, ensuring Yardi delivers exactly what the c-suite is looking for.

Building a compelling executive presentation from Yardi

Every company has different needs. 33Floors partners closely with client teams to develop a thorough understanding of what information their leadership wants to see from the client’s Yardi database. When a CFO, director, or other major player has a particular style they prefer, we provide custom reporting tools, templates, and training to ensure the client is able to produce consistent, polished presentations.

Here’s how we do it:

  • First, 33Floors digs into what’s important to you and your leadership. What are their concerns and hot buttons?  How are you currently using Yardi’s reporting system to meet those demands? In some cases, the answer simply lies in a few process changes.
  • If customized reports are warranted, we quickly deliver a new tool that gets you where you want to be. Quite often a custom reporting tool needs to answer a particular set of questions that Yardi’s default reports might not answer without some fine-tuning. We may have to combine existing reports to get the information we need or create a fully customized output. When that happens, the 33Floors team collaborates with you to develop streamlined reporting tools that respond to your specific requirements.

Because of our experience, we have the ability to couple the reports with real-world examples and data visualization to bring your information to life. We can help you format the presentation of Yardi data into something that’s clear and visually appealing, and we can make sure that it complies with your organization’s brand standards—colors, logo, style, and layout.

There are many options for taking the complex details of your Yardi report and turning them into a comprehensive story with actionable insights. A customized leadership presentation is just another innovative way that 33Floors can enhance your Yardi experience and give demanding executives the view they need in a format they’ll love.

33Floors speaks the language of real estate

33Floors has a deep and thorough understanding of Yardi, from the technical back end to the platform’s interactions with customers’ day-to-day work. With a combined 100+ years of experience with Yardi, as well as working for and with some of the largest real estate organizations in the world, we’ve been on both sides of the table. We speak Yardi and we speak real estate, so we’re the perfect data translators.

 33Floors couples that knowledge with a commitment to understanding the client’s unique business requirements. We know the questions to ask to discover what your leaders want—and need—to get from their Yardi database. We also develop relationships with the client’s end-users and IT staff, so we get first-hand knowledge of their Yardi challenges and triumphs. After this due diligence, we develop a roadmap to achieve the client’s goals.

Give 33Floors a call to talk to us about what’s possible and how you can maximize your Yardi investment. 

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