3 Ways Customized Yardi Reporting Can Supercharge the Platform

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Reporting tools are often where the rubber hits the road for Yardi users. In its raw form, the information in a database can be useful for specialists – accountants, project managers, and so forth – who know how to get the results they need from Yardi. But for people who are a step removed from day-to-day work on the platform, reports are essential for transforming complex data into a coherent basis for making business decisions.

By tapping into Yardi’s customization capabilities a customer can make the platform even more valuable. 33Floors routinely helps clients fine-tune Yardi’s reporting tools. Here are a few of the ways customization supercharges the Yardi experience:

  • Comply with investor, banking and audit requirements.

Investors, banks, auditors, and other sophisticated stakeholders often request reports that present data in unique ways. Meeting those expectations using manual spreadsheets can be time-consuming and prone to error. By customizing Yardi’s reports to meet the precise needs of important players, a business can achieve and document compliance faster and more accurately than ever before.

  • Optimize portfolio analysis.

Yardi’s native reporting toolkit is versatile, but many businesses approach their management work in unique ways that standard Yardi reporting functionality does not satisfy. This can be especially true for complex portfolios with numerous asset classes, elaborate ownership structures, or other features. Custom report solutions can be tailored to match a business’s existing analytical processes, allowing for rapid deployment of real-time reports.

  • Meet demanding tastes.

Sometimes the challenge with reports is not so much in the information they contain, but in how they present it. Such concerns are rarely just a matter of design. Usually a particular way of parsing the business’s data is needed to give leadership the view they need. When executives or directors demand a particular approach that requires hours of difficult work each month, a custom report might be the logical next step. 

Are custom reports the right answer for your business?

Custom reports are not necessary for every Yardi customer. After all, the platform’s default reporting tools are already robust and flexible. When a client asks 33Floors about custom reporting, the first step we take is to determine the scope of the client’s needs. In some cases the solution is already available, through straightforward steps like combining two existing reports into a more comprehensive template. 

When customization is the answer, the 33Floors team collaborates with the client to develop streamlined reporting tools that respond to the client’s specific requirements. Sometimes this only requires modifying an existing Yardi template, while in other projects developers will craft a new tool from scratch. From the design phase through testing and troubleshooting, 33Floors provides comprehensive support.

Interested in learning more about Yardi’s custom reporting capabilities? Give 33Floors a call today.

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