Today’s Yardi Users Need Comprehensive Training

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Few people pick up a hammer for the first time and pound a straight nail. The potential of any tool depends on the skill of its user. Developing skill takes time and effort, even with simple tools.

As anyone who has used it knows, Yardi’s software is anything but simple. The platform is complex by necessity: it is designed to be the workhorse of a data-driven industry. Much of the platform’s development over the last decade has focused on interface improvements to streamline workflows. But as a hammer proves, an intuitive interface is no substitute for user skill.

Effective training strategies are crucial for any business that intends to rely on Yardi for its operations. Whether adopting Yardi for the first time, adding a new module, or upgrading to a new version, training needs to be a central part of the rollout plan. Even if major changes aren’t on the horizon, users can benefit from occasional refreshers.

Three layers of Yardi training

At 33Floors we’re big believers in comprehensive training. Our goal is to supercharge the client’s Yardi experience, by supplementing and in some cases replacing the training provided by Yardi itself. Our training programs are customized for each client—we’re not afraid to reinvent the wheel if it’s the right solution for the client’s business. Each training program involves three layers:

  • In-person trainings. There’s no substitute for personalized attention from a professional trainer. When the trainer and user are in the room together, the trainer gets the best feel for the depth of the user’s skills. In the COVID-19 era we’re conducting remote trainings, but the goal is the same: run through the user’s day-to-day processes, identify their weak spots, and recommend better ways of doing things. For larger organizations, we focus on training the internal team that will support wider operations, going deeper into technical areas that will have long-term benefits for the client.
  • Enhanced documentation. 33Floors firmly believes in teaching its clients how to solve their own challenges. Our team regularly develops customized documentation and other training assets, like short videos illustrating specific procedures, so the client has access to a tailored library of training resources. We format these materials to match the client’s branding, so they feel familiar out of the box.
  • Ongoing support. Robust support is an essential component of the training landscape. Above all, support should be efficient. Quite often, users who try to find answers on their own end up wading through a mountain of irrelevant information, or waiting for a response to an open ticket with Yardi. We aim to shortcut those delays by providing a simple, responsive email address for questions. We’ll hold your hand through the learning process.

Yardi training tailored to your business

At the core of the 33Floors training program is our commitment to developing a complete understanding of the client’s business. Yardi typically reaches across multiple areas of a business: property management, accounting, corporate finance, investor relations, and more. Our goal is to understand each component of the client’s use case so we can develop a training program that achieves every goal the client has for the platform.

Has your business met its Yardi training goals? We’d like to hear from you. Our team has served clients in over 60 countries and is available to provide training anywhere in the world. Reach out to 33Floors today to take the next step in your Yardi experience.

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