Supercharged Support for Yardi Breeze

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33Floors is known for our commitment to serving some of the world’s largest property management firms. While most of our clients use Yardi’s flagship platform, Yardi Voyager, many smaller firms leverage the Yardi Breeze and Yardi Breeze Premier products. To ensure that we are serving all our audiences, 33Floors has introduced new service packages to provide streamlined, customized support to these firms.

Benefits of Using Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is available in two tiers: the basic package is specifically designed to help small firms manage their relatively simple portfolios. Yardi Breeze Premier, on the other hand, takes the basic package up a notch and adds sophisticated account tools and additional management functionality, including project tracking and invoice management, which allows a management company to oversee more than one property.

Other benefits of the Yardi Breeze offerings include the following:

  • A simplified design for managing single family homes, multi-family communities and commercial properties.
  • An integrated resident portal that allows residents to submit maintenance requests with photos, pay rent and do much more.
  • Full integration with online marketing systems.
  • Vital tools, including payment processing, prospect screening and resident insurance verification.
  • Owner access to records touching on all properties.

How Our Services Can Enhance Your Current Experience

Every Yardi Breeze customer is different, which means that each one needs different types of support, especially as a customer’s use of the platform matures. All customer journeys begin with the implementation phase, which begins with the software being configured to suit the customers’ requirements and users being trained on how to utilize the platform.

It is usually after this phase, when users have been on the platform for a little while, that customers may run into issues that might be hard for a Yardi representative to address. This could be because the question might relate to an unusual business circumstance. This is where the experienced professionals at 33Floors can help. We support our clients’ needs throughout their Yardi Breeze experience.

Implementation Phase

When the Yardi Breeze platform is first configured, 33Floors will take the time to fully understand our clients’ needs and provide guidance to ensure that they are making the right choices. This will make sure that they are getting what they need from the platform on day one. We will assist our clients with all the nuts and bolts of the installation, including creating workflows, inputting all portfolio data, integrating the platform with the company’s account systems – and more.

If a client needs additional support, the 33Floors hypercare support program is available. With this program, the customer will receive dedicated resources that will be at the standby to address any technical issues or answer any questions.

Ongoing Support

While Yardi has support for its “typical” client, most clients are anything but typical. When customers need enhanced support, they can turn to 33Floors. We offer different, ongoing service bundles, which will help our customers overcome challenges and improve their Yardi experience.

Our packages range from a handful of hours a month for firms with only one or a few properties to hundreds of hours for large or growing firms with extensive portfolios. We’ve put together an information sheet that goes into more detail about Yardi Breeze and its advantages. You can find it here.

Let us take your Yardi experience to the next level. Give us a call to learn more about our service or to get started.


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