(YSR) Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting pumps up Correspondence power

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We have previously shown and demonstrated the capabilities of Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting (YSR) and how we have used it for data-driven dashboard style reporting.

Another great use of this robust and flexible reporting tool is as a replacement for the standard Yardi correspondence tool, leveraging YSR’s enhanced capabilities to produce important documents, such as your monthly tenant invoices and commercial billing statements.

Similar to the standard Yardi Voyager correspondence functionality, with YSR you can:

  • Build clear and aesthetically pleasing correspondence templates in Microsoft Word.
  • Generate correspondence as PDF files and attach them to an object (such as a commercial lease, customer or vendor) in Voyager.
  • Employ flexible, customizable email templates in Voyager to send PDF attachments to your tenants or vendors in bulk.

Enhanced capabilities of the YSR reporting tool grant the additional flexibility to:

  • Choose from a greater number of custom filter items at report run time. For example, you may choose to include or exclude tenants based on whether they have an email address on their contact record and easily opt to print statements for only those tenants without an email.
  • More easily include custom fields on the report which allows for greater depth in reporting, such as incorporating prepaid and opening balance amounts on a tenant’s invoice to provide a true snapshot of the amount due at the time of billing.
  • Opt for dynamic destinations or selection of contacts other than the designated primary contact – alternate roles or destinations for the emailed report may be chosen at run time.
  • Exercise greater control on page flow for the purposes of formatting and appearance. For example, opting to include a second page only if there is not enough space to cover the number of rows on the first page. This allows the report to be completely dynamic rather than having to pick an arbitrary or fixed number of rows per page.
Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting YSR Correspondence Example
Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting YSR Correspondence Example

If you feel your needs have exceeded the capabilities of the standard Yardi correspondence tool, it may be worth your time to investigate the resources offered by Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting. At 33Floors we have written a generic tenant invoice which showcases these features and advantages. For a demonstration of this report or to see if YSR Correspondence can be used to enhance your reporting processes, contact us at

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