Integrating 33Floors Support Into Today’s Labor Model

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Even before the coronavirus crisis, businesses around the world were grappling with enormous changes to how they approached accounting and IT staffing. Automation and artificial intelligence were already making work radically more efficient. Technology combined with a large pool of flexible, mobile professionals already allowed firms to rely on project-oriented contractors and third-party providers for tasks that used to be handled by full-time employees. COVID-19 likely will accelerate these trends.

What do we mean by the new labor model?

The new labor paradigm favors organizing businesses away from large, full-time staff. Instead, a core of full-time professionals is augmented by a mix of fractional, part-time, and specialized resources. Temporary and contracted workers are brought in on an as-needed basis to handle work that conventionally was thought of as the exclusive domain of in-house employees.

Taking advantage of the new model in any area of a business requires a reimagination of core processes. Risk management demands that a balance be struck between the urge to outsource and the importance of staying in control where it matters. Above all, a business’s relationships with its third-party providers must be closer and more trusting than ever before.

How 33Floors integrates its Yardi support services into the new labor reality

33Floors hears plenty of stories from clients who are shifting to the new labor model as they grow. Because we are dedicated exclusively to implementing and supporting our clients’ Yardi platforms, we are often asked to fill key roles within the client organization’s accounting and IT structure.

These are some of the reasons we have been successful in the new environment:

  • Contractual flexibility. Demand for Yardi support fluctuates, whether the Yardi customer is a small property management firm or a multinational conglomerate. Support is most needed after a major upgrade or large corporate transaction, when staff may need hourly help to get them through the transition. In calmer times, support issues still arise, but they might be less strenuous. 33Floors offers clients a variable scope of support, from our comprehensive hypercare program to whatever smaller time budget the client needs, as determined by our proprietary analytics tools.
  • Reliability. Outsourcing key work requires a leap of faith. If the contractor is cutting corners by relying on inexperienced staff, or is spreading itself far too thin, chances are good that the support won’t be there when the client needs it. What’s more, our whole team is committed to building relationships with clients. We set out to understand the client’s vision and goals for its Yardi platform, so our support can go beyond the technical basics.
  • We are natives of the new model. With professionals located around the world, 33Floors is accustomed to the working style demanded by today’s approach to staffing. Whether working remotely or temporarily integrating with the client’s team at their office, it’s a style we call our own.

How can 33Floors help your business do more with Yardi?

At 33Floors our goal is to supercharge our clients’ Yardi experience. Our support team can integrate as much or as little with your IT and accounting groups as they require to strategically close gaps in your business’s in-house capabilities. How is your business addressing its staffing challenges? We’d love to hear from you.

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