Getting the Most Out of Your Yardi Investment

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Businesses choose Yardi to be their property management platform for many good reasons. Among them is Yardi’s depth. The platform boasts a vast array of capabilities, whether in its base configuration or with optional modules added on. The ability to customize many of Yardi’s functions adds even more layers of power.

For many firms, once Yardi is running the challenge becomes maximizing Yardi’s potential. Like any complex tool, Yardi benefits from an investment of time by those who use it every day. This leads to a well designed system.  When coupled with a comprehensive training program and robust support, this investment soon pays dividends for all users throughout the process, from initial launch to process reviews and system upgrades.

 But training and support may not always be enough. That’s because they tend to be directed at answering the questions a user already knows to ask. Quite often, what firms don’t know about Yardi can leave important, valuable resources left untapped. “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

At 33Floors we go the extra mile to ensure clients are getting the most from their investment in Yardi. A few of the strategies we’ve found effective include:

  •  Post-implementation review.  After a client has been using Yardi for a while we conduct a comprehensive review of how things are going, looking for gaps in training or areas where further refinement can improve performance and results. Depending on the client, we may run system queries to identify usage or we might send a member of our staff to sit with the people who use Yardi regularly to see how they are using it—and where they might be missing important elements that will make their jobs easier.
  • Tap into the power of customized reporting. Yardi’s reporting tools are flexible and powerful, but they don’t always meet a firm’s precise requirements out of the box. Executives, investors, auditors, and business partners all may have specific preferences as to how reports look and the type of information they display. With some routine work under the hood, 33Floors helps clients get the reporting tools they need, helping to make Yardi that much better.
  • Explore deeper customization and add-on modules. Many firms can benefit from tweaks to the way Yardi works “out of the box.” But many don’t know the full scope of what’s possible. Add-on modules like Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting (ABF) and Job Cost offer powerful insights for firms that need them. But the add-on modules are just a few of the many options available to experienced Yardi developers.

The team at 33Floors aims to understand each client’s specific processes and goals so Yardi can be hand-tailored to deliver outstanding results. Have questions about how to make Yardi do more for your business? Give 33Floors a call today. 

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