Improve the Remote Work Experience with Yardi

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The pandemic has driven businesses around the world to embrace work-from-home models as a norm. Remote work was already a permanent feature of the staffing landscape before COVID-19. Necessity has only accelerated and deepened the trend.

Companies that rely on Yardi to manage data are keenly aware that business continues despite the pandemic. Property management firms still need to oversee tenant relationships, maintain assets, and keep information flowing to investors. The crisis has also sparked unpredictable shifts in the real estate marketplace, presenting opportunities that won’t wait for a return to normalcy.

In the midst of these challenges, Yardi customers need to keep their operations running without a hitch. As a team accustomed to working remotely prior to COVID-19, 33Floors is well positioned to help our clients overcome the oftentimes complex technical roadblocks that can make remote work difficult. 

These are some of the strategies we use to improve our clients’ remote work experience:

  • Moving onto the cloud. Yardi Cloud Services moves applications and databases from a customer’s servers to servers owned and operated by Yardi itself. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Yardi Cloud Services offers several important advantages to customers, including security and robustness. It also provides seamless remote access for users, who can work with Yardi on any connected device.

For a Yardi customer that has not embraced the cloud option but wants to make the transition, 33Floors offers a range of services from full implementation to supplemental support.

Yardi Cloud Services is not the right solution for every business. It can be more expensive than other options, and some businesses may have specific requirements that limit their interest in cloud solutions. Instead, they need to make their self-hosted platform accessible to remote teams.

  • Custom accessibility solutions. Our clients routinely ask us to solve technical challenges that are unique to the client’s business. There are many reasons why a Yardi customer might need customized solutions for remote work:
    • Integration of critical third-party applications that are not natively configured to work well in remote contexts.
    • Evolving needs of executives and investors as their work situations change.
    • Conditions that are specific to a remote worker’s home setup.

Our team will work closely with the client’s IT professionals to make the remote Yardi experience as smooth and seamless as possible. When necessary we’ll write fresh code, or coordinate directly with Yardi itself to resolve the client’s back-end issues.

  • Training and support. Working remotely with Yardi is easier when the end user has access to great training and documentation. Yardi’s deep support database can answer a lot of complex questions, but it doesn’t always provide them in a highly accessible way. Likewise, support from Yardi is always ready to answer common questions but can be slower to respond to and resolve unusual issues.

The training and support teams at 33Floors supplement the support provided by Yardi by, above all, getting to know our clients. Users with questions need easy access to answers that get directly to the point. They need quick responses by email or over the phone. That’s especially true of people who are working remotely: they might be squeezing in a troubleshooting session while a toddler naps or before the neighbor’s teenager starts practicing guitar again.

We offer technical support, of course. We’re also acutely attuned to the business needs that Yardi supports, and to the human needs of the people making it happen in the trenches. In today’s climate, we draw on our years of experience with remote training and support as much as our technical expertise to provide highly responsive support. 

Unlock the full potential of remote employees 

At 33Floors we’re passionate about helping clients find better ways to work with Yardi, whether it’s in the office or on the beach. What remote work challenges is your business facing? What new demands for remote computing will you face in the future? We serve as your advisors and problem solvers, at every business scale and in any location around the world.   

Give us a call or send us an email to let us know how we can be of service.

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